AerobTec Altis Micro Variometer
AerobTec Altis Micro VariometerFörstora bild
AerobTec Altis Micro Variometer
Compatible with Telemetry for Multiplex, Jet and Graupner Hott

  • Memory : 3.9MB (more than 15 hour record with 0.1s sample rate, logging altitude, voltage, temperature, throttle in)
  • Sample time : 0.1 - 25.5s (user selectable in 0.1s steps)
  • Dimensions : 30 x 14 x 7mm, Cable length approx. 7cm
  • Weight : 4.7g with JR cable
  • Power supply range : 4 - 8.4V
  • Logging : altitude, voltage, temperature, throttle input and output
  • Conforms to all existing competition rules (FAI F5J, ALES, etc.) - for some competitions AerobTec Device Terminal is required as a display element
  • LED for indication of state
  • Telemetry support for Jeti Duplex EX®, Multiplex® M-Link, Graupner® Hott
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • AerobTec Altis Flight manager software for Windows